7 Interesting Myths and Facts about Grease

Grease traps are most commonly found in commercial kitchens and not in residences. But, that doesn’t mean that homeowners aren’t equally at risk of suffering from grease clogs and other plumbing problems related to grease.

At Lewis Farms, we perform professional grease trap cleaning in Wilmington NC and we find it is not uncommon for our customers to fall victim to grease problems because they believe certain myths. Here, we provide the facts behind some of the most common grease myths.

Myth #1: Disposing of Grease Down the Drain is OK if You Have a Garbage Disposal Unit

Fact: A garbage disposal unit only grinds up food particles to make them small enough to pass through the plumbing. This unit does absolutely nothing to prevent grease from building up in your pipes.

Myth #2: Pouring Dish Soap Down the Drain with the Grease Will Help Prevent Clogs

Fact: Some dish soaps are known for their grease-cutting properties, but the soap eventually loses its effectiveness once it enters your plumbing pipes. Grease will still collect and build up in the pipes even with the addition of dish soap.

Myth #3: Running Hot Water Down the Drain with the Grease Will Help Keep It in Liquid Form

Fact: Hot water melts grease, but once the water (and the grease) starts to cool down, the grease will coagulate once again, this time in your pipes.

Myth #4: A Grease Trap is Unnecessary if Grease is Not Used to Prepare Foods

Fact: Grease is only one problem in food preparation that can clog up the pipes. Fats and oils are also capable of clogging up your system and a grease trap will help control such problems.

Myth #5: The Larger the Grease Trap, the More Effective It Will Be

Fact: Before grease can be stored in the trap, it must first be separated from the water. Therefore, the capacity of the trap has nothing to do with its effectiveness.

Myth #6: Changing to a Healthier Cooking Oil Will Help Reduce Grease Problems

Fact: Just because a certain cooking oil may be healthier for your body does not mean that it will be better for your grease trap system. All fats, oils, and grease are polar hydrocarbons regardless of how healthy they are for consumption. In fact, many new “healthier” cooking oil alternatives have specific gravities that are closer to that of water, making them harder for grease traps to separate from the water.

Myth #7: Changing My Plumbing to Plastic Pipes Will Prevent Grease Clogs

Fact: Grease will eventually build up and create clogs in all drain pipe materials, even plastic.

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