Top Three Reasons Why Septic Pumping in Surf City NC is So Important

Top Three Reasons Why Septic Pumping in Surf City NC is So Important

Surf City is a popular place in North Carolina to own a summer home and for good reason. This small town sits nestled up against the Atlantic Ocean with miles of pristine beaches is a main selling point. As beautiful as its landscape is, because of its location, homeowners in this area need to be aware of the importance of septic pumping in Surf City NC. Here, exposure to extreme weather patterns and the area’s already high watersheds can cause homes with nearly-clogged septic tanks to experience a host of problems, many of which can be very expensive to fix.

However, worrying about one’s septic system shouldn’t be something that only happens whenever bad weather is on the horizon. By scheduling regular maintenance, you can enjoy a healthy and properly-functioning septic system regardless of the weather. In fact, here are three of the most important reasons to clean your septic tank regularly.

#1 – Pumping a Septic Tank Saves Money

A properly maintained septic tank system should last up to 30 years. Failing to keep a regular maintenance schedule can cut a system’s lifespan in half. Over time, the tank will become clogged with solid matter which will eventually enter the smaller leach pipes causing them to clog. This can result in a costly repair, or in more severe cases, a very expensive septic tank replacement.

#2 – Septic Tank Pumping Protects Your Family and the Environment

When a septic tank starts to fail, it can result in dirty water flowing back through the plumbing and into the home. This water is filled with toxic materials and dangerous bacteria that can cause bad odors throughout the home and health problems for those who are exposed to the water by drinking it or bathing in it. This is especially a high risk for homes that have well water as their primary source of drinking water.

A bad septic tank can also rupture, resulting in leaks that ultimately produce stagnant pools of dirty water in the yard. This water sits and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria where it can affect the local environment and anything that comes in contact with it. If your children happen to walk through the water or your pet drinks the water, they can and will get very ill.

#3 – Septic Tank Pumping Helps Protect Property Values

Nothing can ruin property values and the economic well-being of a community quite like a homeowner who refuses to maintain his or her septic tank system. Once their system stops working and the tank ruptures, it can cause a wide range of problems that can affect the entire community. If the problem is allowed to persist, it can result in homeowners selling their homes for significantly less than market value.

Protect Your Family, the Environment, and Your Investment – Schedule Septic Pumping in Surf City NC

As a homeowner with a septic tank system, part of properly maintaining your system is knowing when it needs to be cleaned out. If you’re unsure about when your tank should be pumped, use our handy septic tank pumping frequency chart to determine when you should schedule your next septic pumping in Surf City NC. Call Lewis Farms and Liquid Waste, Inc. toll-free at 800-624-2979 to schedule an appointment for service. We’ll inspect your tank and determine whether or not it needs to be pumped. If your septic tank is already showing any of the above signs of failure, please call our 24-hour emergency line at 910-604-0049.