Top 10 Septic Tank Myths of Septic Tank Pumping in Surf City NC

If you have recently purchased a home in the Surf City NC area, then there is a good chance that it has a septic tank as part of its waste management system. For those who have never lived in a home with a septic system, it can be easy to fall victim to one or more of the common septic tank myths.

Here, we take a look at the top ten septic tank myths and discuss why it is so important to schedule regular septic tank pumping in Surf City NC. At Lewis Farms, we encounter homeowners with little knowledge of their waste management systems on a daily basis. Get to know the truths and myths about your system and you will be more capable of avoiding a costly septic tank replacement.

Myth #1: Septic Tanks Do Not Require Routine Pumping

Septic tanks should ideally be inspected annually with a complete clean out performed every one to three years depending on the size of the household. Failing to adhere to an inspection and maintenance schedule will increase the risk of your home suffering an expensive tank replacement.

Myth #2: Septic Tanks Only Need Cleaned Out When You Notice a Problem

Many homeowners wait until the system starts showing signs of a problem before they have it serviced and by that time it could be too late. Regular routine maintenance is necessary for ensuring the system is working properly and for reducing the risks of bigger problems.

Myth #3: Bacteria Additives are Not Beneficial

A septic system relies on bacteria to break down the solid waste. Unfortunately, many of today’s cleaning agents feature anti-bacterial properties that kill a good portion of the beneficial bacteria in septic systems. As a result, bacteria additives should be used to help supplement the volume of bacteria in the tank.

Myth #4: It Costs More in Regular Maintenance Over Time Than It Does to Replace the Tank

Replacing a septic tank system is a very costly expense whereas paying for regular scheduled maintenance is significantly more affordable and easier to manage for any homeowner.

Myth #5: Anything Can Be Flushed Down the Toilet

When you have a septic tank system, you have to be careful about what enters it because everything that enters the tank eventually enters the drainfield. This means any hazardous materials or chemicals you flush down the toilet could wind up hurting the environment or your family or pet.

Myth #6: Regular Septic Tank Pumping is All That’s Needed to Keep a System Running Properly

Septic tank pumping in Surf City NC is essential for keeping your system running optimally, but it is not the only type of maintenance that is needed. In some cases, problems may develop in the drainfield that can’t be fixed by regular pumping.

Myth #7: I Can Use as Much Water as I Want

Septic tanks can become overworked and overfilled if too much water is flushed into them. As a result, water conservation is crucial to a properly-working septic system.

Myth #8: Garbage Disposals and Water Softeners Don’t Hurt Septic Systems

Garbage disposals and water softener equipment are not good to have if your home has a septic system. The reason is because garbage disposals introduce a lot of solid matter into the system and it can take some time before it breaks down, thus increasing the risk for clogs and other problems. Water softeners, on the other hand, introduce a lot of extra water into the system and this is dangerous for the very reason listed above.

Myth #9: If I Add Bacteria Additives Regularly, My System Will Never Need Pumped

Bacteria additives do help break down solid waste, but they are not a replacement for thorough tank pumping. Regular tank pumping is an essential part of a system’s maintenance schedule and it can’t be replaced by other processes or products.

Myth #10: If I Take Care of My Septic Tank, It Will Last Forever

No septic tank lasts forever. While some tanks have been known to last for as long as 50 years; the average lifespan of a properly maintained tank tends to run between 20 and 30 years.

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